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Cameron Van Loos, Born 1989

When I was eight months old I flew on an airplane from South Korea to the United Sates of America. A family from the states had planned to adopt me and raise me as their own. Here my journey began.

As human beings we each face our own unique journey through life.
We are bound to one another through the course of our common human experience.
With each encounter another layer of humanity is revealed.
I am committed to the documentation of this revelation.

My work provides intimate insight into the human experience by illuminating the singularity of the casual encounter. I document individuals I meet and speak with underscoring the value of human life. By including the excluded, by noticing the un-noticed I intend to erode the barriers of exclusion and disintegrate the concept of other.

My photography represents a metaphor of my own personal journey as I have always been amongst strangers who have accepted me as I have accepted them.